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Sunday, January 01, 2012


Every year, our church has a theme.

The theme for year 2010 was "Stay Focused, Travel Light".

Last year was "Walk in Love, Serve by Faith".

Then this morning, i attended the first Sunday service of year 2012 and was astounded when i saw this on the wall and on the bulletin:

The theme for year 2012 for us from the Almighty is this - "Changed to Change".

I am in awe.

If you read this post first without reading the last one, you may not understand why i was so amazed. Before i wrote the post at the wee hour of this morning, i had a long chat with LF over the phone yesterday. We spoke about how i should make changes for this year. I then wrote about how year 2012 is gonna be the year of change for me without knowing that this is the exact theme for the church for this year too.

God is amazing. Hallelujah.


this is all so connected - the theme indeed suits you! so this year really must change for the better, gal, and don't repeat the same mistake again. changed to change! cheers, and happy new year.

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