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Monday, January 09, 2012

New TV

I've unboxed my free 22" LED TV just now and fixed it to its stand. It is now sitting nicely on the table in my small rented room.

As you can see, i've not removed the sticky film from the screen yet. That's because it is basically useless to me now.

I don't have an antenna and there is no TV cable outlet in my rented room either. I don't watch TV anyway and hence it isn't a problem for me. What i do need, however, is a cable to connect the TV to my laptop. Yet, i am basically an idiot when it comes to this - i seriously do not know what cable to get.

Anyway, i am going to ask the IT guys to have lunch at Sim Lim Tower tomorrow so that i can also ask them to help me out. I've taken a picture of the TV rear panel and will also bring along the user manual. Hopefully i will be looking at a bigger screen by tomorrow night.

(I've brought the DVD player back to JB but it is still in the box. We already have two DVD players at home and hence do not need a third one.)


You remind me.
I should get myself one too b4 CNY, so can watch movie on big screen like u. had been want to do it when chane TV, had totally forgot about it.
Hope u can enjoy it

yea, no more pain eyes on 3.5" screen. wait, is it possible to hook onto your iphone? nowadays TVs are able to play videos from external hdd via USB too, so not only you can play from laptop but it might be possible from your iphone too. so next week gonna be youtube week? cheers, and don't sleep late for being addicted to tv/dvd!

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