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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Still no TV

Consulted the IT guys today and went to get the cable from Sim Lim Tower in the evening. Then as i got home and wanted to connect my laptop to the TV (while excitedly thinking that i will be able to use my new TV today), i realised that i got the wrong cable.

How disappointing that is... and a wasted SGD19. :(

The thing is this - I am using an old laptop and there is only a VGA port. The IT guys told me to get a VGA-to-DVI cable and it ought to do the job. Then just now i realised that there isn't a DVI port on the TV at all. There is only a HDMI port. There isn't a VGA port on the TV either, and hence i can't use a VGA-to-VGA cable too.

I know i can get a VGA-to-HDMI cable, but i read that it isn't gonna work well without a converter because the two works on different signals - VGA is analog whereas HDMI is digital. Some people claim that the image quality will suffer if the laptop and TV are connected just by the cable without a proper converter. I am not sure if it is true but i think the converter is gonna be expensive, and i am not sure if i wanna spend too much money on it.

Seriously, i don't know how all these should work. Now i'm thinking if i might as well just get a plug-in media player that can play the video files on the TV without having connected to a laptop. That would be more convenient as well.

I really gotta figure something out. Otherwise, i really do not know what to do with this TV at all. I can't be leaving it sitting on the table as a decor.

(The IT guys told me to get a streaming video device that connects to the TV so that i can watch shows directly from the Internet. But then, i told them that i am using my landlady's Internet connection. If i were to do that, she is gonna experience slow bandwidth when i am watching the shows on TV!)


em...... think... think... think....
what about a new laptop? your macbook. ^-^

Gee, sounds like you might end up spending more money than the tv itself. How bout using your iphone as modem to your laptop and internet sharing from there. Gosh, looks like it's getting complicated! Well, the easiest gonna be vga to hdmi converter, if there's one. Cheers.

Wait a minute, iphone/laptop to the tv via usb doesn't work? The tv should be able to connect to external hdd, isn't it? Hmmm ...

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