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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still very sick

I am now at the boarding gate in KLIA, waiting for the 6:50pm flight back to SG.

I had a terrible night. My throat infection worsened and it hurt badly. In the middle of the night, the infection started to take effect on my whole body and my body temperature started to rise. I felt as if my body was on fire. I get rid of the blanket but i still felt very hot even though the aircon was on.

This morning, i woke up feeling really sick. I had actually asked the travel agent to change my flight today to an earlier flight but i was on wait list and there were no seats available at all. I had no choice but to stick to my original flight.

I thought of going into office at around 11am so that i could have a little more time to sleep and rest. Then i sent an sms to the senior consultant to inform her about it. She then suggested me to stay in the hotel to rest and not go into office at all. I replied that i wanted to do so but the check-out time is 12pm and i could not talk and hence could not ask for time extension. This was the first time i really understand the inconvenience and difficulties that the mute people would face in their daily lives.

Then the senior consultant said she could help me to call the hotel and ask for the extension. I gave her the number and she called. Initially the hotel staff told her that i would have to pay for half-day charges if i were to extend the check-out time until late afternoon, but the senior consultant told her that i am a regular customer of the hotel and asked the staff to check with the hotel manager if they could make an exception. Later on, i received a call from the staff and informed me that they would extend the check-out time to 3:30pm at no charge for me this time, and i was really happy with their good service.

After the hotel has confirmed the check-out time extension, the senior consultant then helped me to arrange the KLIA Limo to pick me up from the hotel to airport at 3:30pm. So, i could get back to sleep and take my time to get ready to leave. I am actually feeling a bit better now; even though i am still voiceless, at least there isn't so much pain anymore.

The medicines given by the doctor did not seem to be effective at all. I intend to go see a doctor again when i am back in SG. Ex-little boss has actually told me that whenever he is sick when he's in Malaysia, the medicines prescribed by the Malaysian doctor never seem to be effective for him and he always has to see the doctor in Singapore to recover from his sickness. I guess it is similar case for me now.

Anyway, i really can't wait to get back "home", and hope tonight will not be as miserable as last night.


finally you're back home safe and soundly, oops, not really soundly. take good care and rest well, gal. it's indeed tough for you to be in shape when cny is nearby. the doctor prescription might be overdosed, maybe he thought that you're weak and that's why prescribed stronger medicine. but it would be quite a bad choice if you delay or rely on fisherman's friend candy (and who knows you could have recovered already if you take the latter step, aha). come to think of it, it must be your donuts lah that made you sick, if only you take healthier diet rather than some sweetener just because you got pissed off on that day.

hope that you recover fast from your comfy home and healthily be at your friend's gathering, and eat nice nice oranges and ngaku :). and you have a nice colleague who ready to help you to the best when in need. cheers, and happy prosperous chinese new year! and stay healthy, gal!

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