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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I am feeling so much better today!

My throat does not hurt anymore today but i am coughing terribly. The cough was so bad sometimes that i could feel pain at my chest when coughing, but then i guess it is better than having a sore throat that caused fever and excruciating pain. At least now the phlegm is only yellowish and sometimes even clear; before that, the phlegm was thick and accompanied with blood.

Unfortunately, my voice has not recovered yet and i am now sounding very coarse. I am taking Strepsils and the Chinese tranditional Fritillaria Loquat confection (川贝枇杷膏). I hope these would help.

I did go to see a doctor in SG when i was back from KL on Thursday night. The doctor prescribed new antibiotics and inflammation treatment for me. It seems like this new medication does work better, as i can feel myself recovering.

Mom has bought some CNY goodies at home. I looked at the cookies and crackers on the table this afternoon and was so tempted to snack some. Yet i told myself that i am still sick and must assert self-control. I should not prolong the suffering just for a momentary gratification of a craving.

On an unrelated note, LF came over to my home this afternoon and did manicure for me. After doing mine, she went to do it for PT. Yes, now she has a new profession of providing free manicure service for her friends. She did a good job and now i have clean and nice nails for CNY. Thanks LF!


blood?! that's serious. seriously, the panel doctor from the KL branch must be sleeping in his job then. great to hear that you are recovering. and kudos to your self- discipline too, haha, it's sure tempting, especially with the nice colors of the cookies. hmm, i think you had forgotten to post the photo of the nails ... cheers :)

It is common sense that Singapore doctor give stronger medicine.

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