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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Internet is back

The Telekom man came over today to my home to fix the line. Apparently, it seemed like the line in the area was already back to normal, but the telephone socket at my home was spoilt after being struck by the lightning as well.

Ok ok, so perhaps Telekom is not THAT lousy. I might have wronged them last night. Well, what do you expect from an Internet addict who was terribly sick from a bad throat infection and having her PMS, and then heard the possibility of not having Internet access for a week? Over-reacting is the norm, ok?! I am so NOT gonna apologise for it. Hmph.

Anyway, am glad that i am back on line now. So now i will be able to do what i have planned to do over this long holiday - hopefully i really get down to doing it rather than procrastinating or going on to do some other non-productive things again (which seems quite likely!).


phew, lucky it's not your modem that got fried. so pinpin finally can be happy again, at least for now :). cheers.

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