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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Homemade Yu Sheng

Mom woke up at 6am yesterday to make Yu Sheng to bring in to SG for the reunion lunch.

I love the Yu Sheng mom made. Unlike those made in restaurants that use colourings, the ingredients mom use for the Yu Sheng are veggie of different colours. She would not put any raw fish and hence it is actually a vegetarian dish. With me being sick now, this is one of the few dishes that i could actually take and enjoy.

Here's another look at the Yu Sheng after mom has put in the peanuts, crackers and sauce.

In case you are wondering - it is indeed as good as it looks. Yummy!


see, read but cannot eat ... darn Bo Bin, you're only making bad for your readers salivating and envious .... cheers.

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