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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The second day of CNY

On the first day of CNY, mom and i stayed at home in JB and did not go anywhere. I didn't even change into new clothes at all. Basically i spent almost the entire day in my own room doing nothing much.

Yesterday, the second day of CNY, we went in to SG again for another reunion meal. The youngest aunt and her husband were visiting us and hence we all went in to meet her again.

(Here's the post about the story of my youngest aunt in case you do not know about it)

Grandma is getting senile and she couldn't even recognise people sometimes now. When i visited her the last few times, aunt would intentionally ask grandma who i was and grandma could not get my name right anymore. She would look at me and say my aunt's name, and then i would correct her and told her that i am "Bo Bin" (which is "Ah Pin", "阿彬" in Hainanese).

Despite grandma's frail memory, she still remembers the youngest aunt. In fact, before CNY, she asked my uncle when my youngest aunt would come visit her again. Then yesterday when the youngest aunt showed up, grandma actually recognised her and was smiling so happily.

Everyone had reunion lunch and then chatted for a few good hours. We noticed that the youngest aunt was addressing grandma as "mom", and i was so glad that she could finally see grandma as her own mother. Overall, it was a good family time together.

On an unrelated note, i was actually feeling quite sick yesterday. I have completed the medication but my coughing is still bad. I am also having mild sore throat again; it seems like the full course of antibiotics did not successfully heal the throat infection and it seems to be creeping its way back. As if i am not feeling bad enough, i was having bad menstrual cramp too. So again, i spent most of today at home too. Sigh, what a lousy way to spend CNY.


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aiseh ... well, despite lack to show off your new dress (you can still do it when you are back to office, and KL :). wait, i thought you don't like red ... ), the sudden sickness with lousy medicine, and the "inconvenience" coincides with the big day, it's still one great new year after all with great happy reunion! if only you had your LASIK done, then you can show off to your relatives that you are no longer myopic girl anymore, ha.

drink a lot of water, gal, and don't drink too much iced soft drink. you should not hid in your room mah, there's some chow sing chi's movies on TV for some laughters and to lighten some mood. for me, i'm not much better than you, today at office i had a crisis that the work done before the long weekend is not working as expected ... work's life is bad, so you gotta make use your holidays properly, don't make it go wasted like that! cheers, and have fun! hey, you haven't been visiting the JPO, yet?

Forget about JPO. I have no intention in going anymore.

All feedback from the people who had gone were VERY bad.

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