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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

CNY lunch

Our office had the monthly birthday celebration yesterday. There was a birthday cake and everyone sang birthday song to the Jan and Feb babies. Surprisingly, there were quite a number of people born in the month of Feb in this office, which i found quite rare (if compared to the other companies i had worked at before). One of the Feb babies is our Asia Pacific MD, the topmost person in our region. I stood beside her during the birthday song singing and cake cutting. Perhaps i could get some good fortunes from her.

We also had the CNY lunch celebration yesterday at the same time. After that, the MD went around giving angpao (SGD50) and two Mandarin oranges to every staff.

Since Mandarin oranges are heaty and i can't take them, i drew smiley faces on the oranges and placed them on my cubicle as decor instead. (Uh huh, i've not taken a single Mandarin orange for this CNY!)

By the time i get well, i bet the oranges will get rotten already. At least i put them in good use for now.


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