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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A good performance

Just back from SG about an hour ago.

LF, Carol and i were at Esplanade today, watching the performance "Crosstalk Travellers".

The performance was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was funny and entertaining, while at the same time with meaningful and insightful messages about travelling and life. The playwright cum director brilliantly related the stories of his past travelling experiences and observations through the play in a humorous way, and it was delivered marvellously by three talented performers (one of them is Taiwanese TV celebrity 屈中恒).

The only pity was that there was a huge group of students in the audience. Led by several teachers, these students seemed to be on a school expedition for learning Chinese. However, half-way through the performance, some students lost interest and started talking among themselves. I was rather pissed and almost wanted to tell them to shut up.

Despite the annoyance, i had a wonderful evening.


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