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Monday, January 30, 2012

Still sick

Was supposed to be back to work today but then am not. I am now in my rented room, feeling rather sick. Uh huh, am on MC today. In fact, just now i was coughing so badly until i threw up.

As mentioned, i was not fully recovered from the throat infection. Over the past week, i was still coughing and having mild sore throat.

On Saturday, LF, YM and i went to PT's house for our CNY gathering. Carol was having family gathering and Sui was sick, and hence both of them did not show up.

Well, even with just four of us, we chatted from 1pm to 10pm! And of course, we were eating almost non-stop too while we were chatting. I had some CNY goodies as well... and probably a bit too much. I guess all the talking and eating of heaty stuff resulted in the return of a full-blown sore throat on Saturday night. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick because my throat was so painful that i even had difficulties swallowing the saliva. I felt so uncomfortable that i couldn't get back to sleep and gotta missed the Sunday church service.

Yesterday after i got back to SG, i went to see the doctor again and told him that i never recovered completely even after finishing the full course of antibiotics. He then prescribed another course of antibiotics (stronger i presume) and some other tablets.

What a CNY i had this year. Was sick throughout and did not get to fully enjoy it at all. But then, i take it as a blessing in disguise. My landlady told me that she puts on 1KG just in a week because of all the eating, but i actually lost 1KG because of not feeling well. That's losing weight without even working hard at it. ;)


Well, after completed the full course of antibiotics, you should quarantine yourself from taking any CNY goodies for at least a week :)

Have a good rest.

I haven't weight myself yet, as my CNY celebration is not finish yet :p

hmm, blessing in disguise somemore. but the way of losing weight is not really that encouraging. not to be mentioned that you had additional day off. but this is not right, health shouldn't be traded like this mah. and thought you indeed had self control over the goodies, hai-yayayaya. who would know that the day after nice performance from theater ended up like this, sigh ... rest well gal, this time you really must stay discipline over what can eat and what that mustn't even the temptation is high!

oh, of course not to forget - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pinpin! Be a happy pretty sweetty girl! cheers.

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