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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A good day so far

Unlike a lot of people who would take leave on their birthday, i did not do so today. I was at work today, but wasn't in the mood to work at all. In fact, i did not do any real work today.

If anyone is expecting an introspective post from me today, then i'm afraid you are gonna be disappointed. I'm done with all the introspection last night; just that i did not put it down in writing. I'm not gonna do that again today, as i do not want to get all melancholy on my birthday.

There was no present or red egg, but lots of good wishes from friends via sms, emails and FB. I'm in quite a good mood so far for today, except some minor issues at work in the afternoon that did somewhat piss me off a bit.

Well, perhaps i will write something later tonight, depending on what time i will get home. I am having a "date" later... with ladies. Am meeting LF and PT for dinner, and have not decided where to go yet.

I will have to leave the office now... running late.


Ah, custom made angpaus, unlike the ones from the banks - so cute! And the oranges too. Wasn't that someone mentioned before that she doesn't know how to draw. But then you are quite bad also for letting the cute pretty pair of oranges to rot like that. Never knew that oranges are heaty and inviting phlegm. Strange that you could control yourself the sweety oranges and yet lost over to cookies.

Oh well, glad that you have recovered and have energy! Cheers and take good care of your health gal!

It's okay that you did not put up your thoughts. As long you are HAPPY on this special day (i mean yesterday)! Cheers, bet you had a great dinner. Remember - change to change for the better!

oh, so you were writing your post at that hour! No wonder you were late lah!

Angel, the angpao was not custom made. It is from the bank - DBS. The bank always have cute angpao.

LF, i was "almost" late, and in the end it was still me waiting for you two. So technically i was not late... :P

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