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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All girls' Valentine's Day

I just got back home about 1 hour ago. Uh huh, i went on a Valentine's date with Sui, LF and PT... in JB.

14th Feb was also LF's birthday and the gals decided to meet up for dinner as a celebration. Since the venue was in JB, i would have to cross the border to join them.

So, for this Valentine's Day, i had two firsts - it was the first time i visited the KSL City Mall in JB (where we had dinner) and also the first time i took public transport back to SG via Causeway since the opening of the new CIQ complex.

We had dinner at Kinsahi Japanese restaurant. The food was so-so and the service was horrible. As for the journey back from JB to SG, it was smooth and only took me about 1hr+. There really isn't much to talk about both firsts, but then i probably wouldn't have done both in the near future if it was not for this occasion.

Anyway, i took leave from work today. It wasn't because i wanted to go into JB and hence took leave. I'm actually in need of time off from work, partly because of my coughing and also because of my low morale.

I went to see the doctor again yesterday evening to get the cough medicine. I was hoping to get a MC too but unfortunately the doctor did not see that coughing needs rest from work. I wasn't in the mood to work anyway and hence i decided to take off even without MC.

Despite my low spirit, i'd really need to get back to office tomorrow. Going to work has become such a drag for me. I think boss has also noticed that i've been very unproductive at work. I really need to buck up, or at least make my boss believes that i have done so.



hmm, this doesn't sound nice. it has been quite some time already and your cough is still not fully recovered! oh well, you gotta seriously take good care of your health, not to say the advantage you can apply for MC but it will surely prohibit you going outing with your friend next time (gee, what's am i writing here?). oh well, just take good care of your health, girl. hope it was because you had a celebration with your friend that made you lazy to go back to work the next day. if boss like you stays low, what will become of her teammates too? come on, you can't be this weak! if things are bad, make it good back.

cheers, hope today and tomorrow (of course, tomorrow is Friday) situation turns out to be better, plus your recovering from cough too.

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