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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back at home

Am back in JB already. My return flight was originally at 9pm+ but i changed it this morning to 7pm+.

The meeting with the UK people in KL wasn't too good. It wasn't that it was not smooth or there was any glitches. I was referring to the outcome and decision from the meeting.

It's gonna be a very long story if i were to relate it, and there are actually quite a number of things still up in the air. In a nutshell, our team here is losing ground because of new UK people being assigned to the project and also due to office politics at play on the top management level that has a ripple effect on us. Employees at lower level are always the victims of the power struggle of the top management.

Anyway, am very glad to be back at home sweet home. I am very tired because of the coughing and hasn't been sleeping well. I need some good rest this weekend.


gee, this is a bad news - i read the earlier post before this (purposely reserve this might turn out to be good), and not aware that it did not went well. must be bad for you especially you had worked until sick for this (to put it this way, if you did not travel to KL and caught with the contagious air, you might already fully recovered).

sigh, morale is really important to pull the team together. work is always like this, most of the time (not sometimes) there are decisions ruin our expectations and the more we look at it the more we feel the unfairness. so don't think anything for now as first thing first you need to get recovered. and perhaps you would get better idea to solve this once your energy meter is charged up at full level. don't give up, gal. be positive!


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