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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


I'm still coughing badly and started to have mild sore throat again. I'm also feeling feverish since afternoon.

A lot of people are having flu, including my boss who just flew in to KL last night. A manager in KL is having the same situation as me - he was having flu since the week before CNY and has not recovered until now.

I'm worried that I'm gonna get a full-blown flu again like three weeks ago. I've taken a pill for fever and will sleep early tonight. I've just ordered room service and am waiting for it now.

Am feeling really unwell. :(


ha, you sure you're not the one who infected them. oops,i shouldn't make fun of you at this time. i thought you have recovered already when you flew to KL for the meeting. sigh, hope that you are alright and the meeting went smoothly. take care, and drink lots of water, i mean warm water. cheers.

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