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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Working from home

Had a 4-hour teleconference with UK today from 5pm to 9pm. I gotta give my boss an update tomorrow morning about what had been discussed in this meeting. Basically, from what i see, there is still not much progress on the project.

I have worked from "home" for these three days. Uh huh, i haven't gone into office at all for this week, and i am still considering if i should go in tomorrow or still stay at "home".

Actually it does not really matter where i work at all, for i do not need to meet customers or provide any on-site support for users. But then, bosses of course will still want the staff to go into office even when the work itself does not really requires so. I really wonder when companies here can finally accept the concept of working from home.

On an unrelated note, i did not have dinner today. I am hungry now and so i should go to bed.


some people work from home have great deal of distraction. also, it gives the impression that there's no life except work. home is not for working, i would rather stare at the walls than bringing work back to home (though i did a few times for the latter, sigh). somemore, if everyone can work from home, there's even job insecure with competition from across the boundary.

gosh, how could you work until you skipped the dinner? I believe there should be still some hawker stalls/food court around the HDB that are still opened even at night. Else, you could at least make a sandwich instead going to bed with empty stomach. you just recovered from sick and yet you don't appreciate it, haiyah...

Health is more important, and you have just recovered and yet

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