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Monday, February 20, 2012

Miserable weekend

I was having bad migraine and menstrual cramp for the whole of yesterday. The migraine worsened in the evening and i felt nauseous. I gotta take painkillers after dinner (a very light one because i didn't have any appetite but gotta eat something before i take the medicine).

Then i skipped Sunday service today. This morning i woke up feeling better but tired. I was also having stomachache because of the drinks that mom made me drink last night. Mom has been making a kind of drinks for me every weekend, which is for digestion and facilitates bowel movement.

This afternoon, i drove to New York Hotel in JB to have a (lousy) buffet lunch with mom's church friends before returning to SG. This is something that gets on my nerves sometimes. Mom always promises her church friends to bring me along for their gathering without checking with me first. She will just inform me instead of asking me. I do not particularly enjoy mixing with people whom i do not know well, but mom is the opposite - she is very sociable and can strike a conversation with anyone, even strangers!

[I think i've not mentioned this before - the Chinese congregation of our church had become independent (i.e. registered as a church on its own) since last year. This means that the English congregation that i attend and the Chinese one mom attends are now two churches. At the beginning of this year, the Chinese church has moved to a different premise. Now mom and i could not attend church at the same location anymore (it used to be just English upstairs and Chinese downstairs). ]

Anyway, i am back in SG now. Am feeling fine already, and even the coughing is getting better. I decided that i ought to be more productive at work next week despite how demoralised i am. This means that i gotta stop turning in later and get sufficient sleep each day.


if you eat healthier diet, i think your mum would not make you those funny drinks (or at least excuse to stay away from it) ... oh well, look forward for some good news from the office week ahead - you gotta stay positive! you're the team leader, everyone's looking up on you and if the captain's down what would become of the team. so do the best, girl! cheers.

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