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Monday, February 27, 2012

Recent hot topics

I've not been updating my blog as regularly as i've hoped. There's a reason for that. I don't feel like blogging about it now, as it's rather personal. For now, let's just stick to something less personal.

This post is just gonna be my random thoughts on some of the recent hot topics, which i had my opinions but didn't really get down to writing it.

Lynas. No, i didn't travel all the way to Kuantan for the protest but i did show my support on FB.

There are different news from different sources claiming different things. I am not a nuclear or chemical expert, so i really do not know if the plant is indeed hazardous or not. Yet for things like this, it's always better to be safe than sorry, especially given the creditability (or lack thereof) of Malaysia government.

Seriously, this is something that we can't even risk 1% of error or mistake, for there will be dire consequence not only for the people in Kuantan but also potentially for the entire region. And frankly, what's the real benefit of having the plant in Malaysia when we are granting tax exemptions for the company? Foreign investment for creating more jobs in Malaysia you said? Well, i am not economic expert either, but i do not think the economic benefit outweigh the safety of human lives. And really, there is a better way to attract GOOD foreign investment if you are really serious about it - by having a clean government with well-skilled and well-educated labour force, which is conducive to doing business. Fix the corruption and the education system, and we are half-way there already.

KFC i-City incident. Yes, i know this has been settled, but i just wanna say my piece here, especially after reading so many idiotic comments on the Web - for God's sake, STOP making everything happens in Malaysia into a racial and political topic. It only makes us look stupid.

This incident was about horrible customer service. It was about assault and battery (which is a crime in most developed countries but i'm not so sure about Malaysia). It does not matter what races the aggressor and the victim were; it does not matter too whether or not anyone calling anyone else names. Whoever lays his hands on another person first is wrong. Period.

Jeremy Lin. In case you are wondering, i used to be a NBA fan when i was studying in Canada. It was the era of Michael Jordan and we were crazy about him. I kinda stopped following the game after my return to Malaysia. After all, basketball isn't such a big thing in Malaysia compared to badminton and soccer.

Now the latest sensation in the NBA world got my attention on the game again, or rather, should i say my attention on him. Uh huh, i am so in love with Jeremy Lin. Erm, i did not mean love in that kind of way, in case you are mistaken.

Tall (6'3"), intelligent (Harvard grad), charming (cute smile and eloquent), Asian American (i love the accent), talented, hard working, humble, polite, and a devoted Christian who gives glory to God everytime. I simply love this kid!

EDL toll fee. One word (or three?): WTF!

If the government really allows such exorbitant toll fee for travelling to and fro Singapore (which SG government will follow suit to increase their toll rate as well), then the happiest of all will be the Singapore government. With such high cost of travelling in and out of JB, Singaporeans will reduce their travels to Malaysia. The Malaysians who work in Singapore but staying in JB now may consider moving into Singapore instead since the cost of travelling may end up not having much difference than staying in Singapore (which can save time and energy).

And also, can the government please stop signing all those contracts with the construction companies that would hurt the welfare of the citizens?! It is so sickening!

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it's not that we didn't have this history like this in the past. The government too had ensured that the bukit merah was safe and built according to stringent standards and even challenge, yup, shift the burden to prove to public if it was hazardous to health and enviornment. and yet the outcome was disaster, and after 10 years the plant was finally decommisioned, but reaped all the tax free benefits and time to pack up anyway. imagine the ads posted up in MSM saying Lynas is safe (the local employees face and name are posted, i wonder if they would get jeered when out in the public), but then newspaper has to stay neutral after all. the thing is there are some people still see the protest as political exploitation, and given that the company and government refused to budge surely there must be huge money changed hand. there's even saying that some influetial person have stake in it. no matter what counter explanation, with so many of fiasco recently due to mismanagement, poor governance, especially the past track record, it's better to be safe than sorry. Say no to lynas! we certainly don't need that kind of investment to move on.

oh well, if only our government has people welfare in mind to begin with. or maybe they do, but a fool, easily be exploited and carried away with cronysm, nepotism, sigh ... perhaps you should be involve in politics to make a better malaysia :). cheers.

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