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Sunday, March 11, 2012

At Den Haag-Voorburg

Just checked in to the hotel after two hours since the plane touched down.

No, the journey from Schiphol Airport to Voorburg should only take about an hour, but I boarded the wrong train. I didn't know that the train does not stop at every station and boarded the train that went the same direction as the one that I was supposed to hop on. Then it passed the central station that I was supposed to change to another train, and so I gotta take the train of the opposite direction to get back to one station before. After I finally arrived at Voorburg station, I spent some time looking for the hotel (with my heavy luggage), which is actually just right beside the station.

Anyway, I guess that's part of the 'adventure' in travelling by myself to a land of foreign language.

It's now 9:50am here. I am hungry and tired. I should have bought some food just now at the airport. Now I'm considering if I should sleep for a while with an empty stomach that is growling now, or to freshen up and go out to grab a bite.

I only have today to visit around but then i am really sleepy because i didn't sleep much on the plane. The plane was not the same as the one i took for my USA trip. This was an older plane and the business class wasn't as comfy as the one i had been on before. So i may probably spend the day resting in the hotel so that i can sustain for the rest of the week.

Oh well, we shall see.


gosh, but netherlands english proficiency shouldn't be bad compared to some other countries. and your boss is really bad to send you alone to foreign land without any accompaniment. but you handled it well, right, if it was me i will be real panic, which i tried to avoid any assignment that requires to travel alone even to modern country, ha. but hey, don't waste the opportunity not to sightseeing the country hor(and don't forget about work too). cheers, oh, take this opportunity too to impress the directors! all the best.

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