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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Leap year

I am rushing for a few piece of work and have just gotten one part completed. I have not done up the induction programme for the new joinee tomorrow, and i must get it out before i go to bed today.

Before i take my bath and continue on with my work, i thought i should at least post something today because...

... it is 29th of February!

This only happens every 4 years. I am not sure if i will still be blogging on the next 29th Feb. In fact, i am not sure if i will still be around at all!

Anyway, gotta get back to whatever i am supposed to be doing now.


hey, why are you cursing yourself like that! choy choy choy.

hope that things were going well today. if only i have a workaholic and empathetic boss like you .... cheers.

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