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Sunday, March 11, 2012

At Changi Airport

Am now at T3 SIA SilverKris Lounge now. This is the first time i'm here because i am no longer a KrisFlyer Gold member and could not enter the Gold lounge anymore. Business class passenger can only go to the Silver lounge.

My flight is departing at 11:50pm. It is close to 14 hours of flying time. Our company policy alows us to fly buiness for flight that is longer than 5 hours. I still remember how excited i was to be flying SIA buiness class to USA about two years ago. Now, i am kinda numb already - this is actualy a bad sign. I have been overly pampered.

My plan for this long haul flight is to watch one or two movies and then sleep through the journey. I have a very thick stack of printed documents to read for the workshop next week, but am really not in the mood to work.

Ok, i am gonna have some more free food and then head to the boarding gate. I should be at The Netherlands already when you see another post from me again.


it's just days/weeks away from the expiry, what a waste. well, take this as opportunity as one career advancement, and don't forget to have fun too in netherlands :). cheers, all the best for the meeting!

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