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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am going. Are you?

If you are one of those who always complains about how the things are and yet answered "no" to this question, then ask yourself "why not".

If you feel that doing it won't help at all and you alone won't make an impact, then stop whining and stfu from now on. You do not have the rights to complain anymore, for you have a hand in making the country how it is today by choosing not to do anything.

If you are afraid or simply don't care, then I can only pray for God's mercy on your future generation, for you have left behind a world that is worse than it already is by your inaction.

All of us have a part to play in propelling change, especially change for the better.


i have pondered over this before, and i must admit i'm ashamed of myself. it's no excuse for me to say that i'm ignorant and belonging to the group who neither complains nor appreciates the status quo. of course the march is not about toppling the gov but apolitically press for free and fair election that is going to be held anytime soon. to say the current electoral system is fair and square would be so naive, akin to bury one's head in the sand. perhaps the hypocrisy and insecurity that i have experienced shapes what of me being ignorant and to just follow the majority votes.
please do not go alone. and please go being prepared, go with some protection like goggles, bottle of water, handkerchief/towel, mask, umbrella/rain coat . i know i don't have the right to say this but it's kinda stupid to go with nothing exposing yourself to harm and knowing what our infamous enforcers will do when all you want is to lend your support to the nation's call.

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