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Monday, April 23, 2012


There are a lot of things happening in my life recently, and i am waiting for the right moment to blog about it.

When will be the right moment then?

Well, it will come, and i'm sure that it will come very soon. The sermon last Sunday was titled "A Defining Moment in Destiny". The pastor started the sermon with a definition:
A defining moment is "an instant in time when the forces of purpose meet at a crossroad and the choice that you make will have a significant and consequential impact on the rest of your life in destiny."

Yes, that's where i am now - at a crossroad with a few choices in my hands. The choice i make is gonna be a life-changing decision, and therefore i need to pray about it.

Contrary to some beliefs or the general definition of "destiny", i do not believe that everything in our lives is predestined due to the doings from our past lives. To me, God gave everyone freewill and the choices we make are in fact our destiny. Yes, we make our own destiny by choosing the paths in life. Every decision and every action matters.

I have not been writing about it here as i do not wanna divulge too much until the dust settles. I've actually been standing at this crossroad for a very long time, not knowing which way i should go. I have been very much troubled.

Now, things seem to be getting clearer now. It is not definitive yet, but i begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Feeling curious? Well, i'm sure i'll be blogging about it very soon, very very very soon.


hmm, very very curious, you mean getting an ipad :). uh, the decision gotta be a good one, not the one like rm500 hair trimming, oops ... whatever the choice is, always remember that you're not going to walk the path alone. not alone anymore. have you tried for 2nd/3rd opinion from your friends and families? if you think you are right, just stick to it and go for it. no point of throwing the chance away and later stomping "if only, if only, sigh ...". of course it's kinda easy for outsider, especially readers like me to give a push ... nevertheless all i can do is to give confident to march on with the decision of a lifetime! hesitation will only cloud your intelligence, blur your determination. and frankly, you are one remarkable, strong lady. so don't let your readers down and show a great example. and again, you are not alone in the path.

look forward the next blog of yours! hmm, does that mean sunday again? take your time, gal, and all the best, keep moving forward :). cheers.

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