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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The past long weekend

I came back to SG before noon today and had been working since afternoon.

Uh huh, i took leave yesterday, thinking that i wanted to have a long and restful weekend. Unfortunately, there are piles and piles of backlog to clear for my work, and my boss even asked me to cancel the leave yesterday to work from JB home. I was too tired and lazy to do so yesterday until late into the evening, and hence gotta catch up with my work again today after i was back in SG.

Sad to say but my life recently is filled with work work work. It is so bad that i don't even really have time to do things that i like, such as reading, blogging, or even playing Angry Birds!

So, over weekends, i would normally stay away from work even though i could have spent the weekends clearing the backlog, which is something i am unable to do on weekdays because more work will be coming my way and i'd often spend the days in meetings or managing people rather than doing actual work - yes, i do not consider these as productive work at all! On weekends, even if i spend the days doing nothing much but sleeping and spending time on FB, i'd think it's better than working. Well, at least i allow my body and mind to rest.

However, this past weekends, i have done something more besides working and sleeping. One is of course participating in the Bersih 3.0 rally, which i'd share more in my next post. Another unusual thing that i did was... baking. *gasp!*

Yes, i actually did some baking on Sunday, with guidance from my mom of course! This was the first time ever that i baked cookies (not counting the times i did so back in high school during our home economic classes). I will not write about the purpose of baking the cookies, as i'd have to tell a longer story for that. For now, i'll just talk about the baking here.

Besides the usual ingredients of flour, baking powder, sugar and butter, the main ingredient of the cookies i baked was cornflakes:

Yeap, i was baking cornflakes cookies. Here's the dough after mixing all the ingredients in a bowl:

I then placed the dough in little paper cups for baking. It was quite a tedious job to fill up the little paper cups one-by-one. The first batch that we put into the oven came out over-baked even though we followed the temperature setting and timing stated on the recipe. This was because the oven we have at home tends to heat up more easily.

Despite the look of the burnt cookies, there was no burning taste at all. In fact, the people whom i made it for said the cookies tasted good, and they finished everything. :)

Anyway, after lowering the temperature of the oven, the second batch came out perfect!

Baking can be fun, if you have the luxury of time. I'm afraid that is exactly what i am lacking now, and hence i seriously do not think i'd be doing it again any time soon.

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aiya, not to worry coz you'll have another long weekend coming :). so, you still be able to have another baking session, hopefully, hopefully :). and you should uphold this new hobby of yours, of course! isn't it nice when you get some sense of accomplishment, and praises from everyone who tasted the cookie ? don't let your mum's skill becomes waste hor! speaking of weekend hobby, it's been a long long time and kind of shame for me to unable to draw comic for your posts, so don't take me as example - sigh sigh. try to make time for the activities that you really want to do.

i wonder if it will help if you stay focused to clear all the backlogs at one shot. enough of the temptation for angry birds and fb on samsung tab, if the backlogs keep adding up like this, it's not going to make you good either even the job demotivates sometimes (or at all times). concentrate, pinpin, concentrate . once started, momentum should kick in to finish it. try to optimize and plan the execution with efficient and effective. work never ends but hope it stays at manageable level. (gee, i hope i'm not adding fuel to the already fire). stay positive!

eh, what about the crossroad you wanna blog about? that wasn't about bersih rally? glad nothing bad happened in johor, unlike the kl one. personal opinion, i don't think the gov will get the message into their heads anyway. but you have made your effort and do your part for what you believe in, unlike many others, including me as well. we'll see how the next poll goes.

oh, i noticed the timestamp is at 11:11 :). cheers, and take care of your health.

Wah! who are so fortunate to taste your cookies oh! Envy leh!
Next time bake a birthday cake for me instead leh! :p
However, it's good to "waste" some times to do something which we normally wouldn't do. At least free ourselves from our never-ending works.

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