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Monday, May 07, 2012


Ok, I know I mentioned that this post is gonna be about the rally, but as usual, once I procrastinated on it, I'm not sure when I will get to it, if I do ever get to it at all.

Anyway, I've just finished packing my luggage. And I had a tough time fitting the thick clothings into my small luggage.

Uh huh, am flying again tomorrow... to UK. I'll be there until Friday and will be back to SG on Saturday. And of course, as per our company policy, I'll be flying business class again, and this time will be on SIA A380. Woo hoo!

(I know there was news about safety concern on A380, but I would still choose this over an old Boeing 777 aircraft.)

The schedule is very packed for this trip. I'll arrive at London on Monday evening local time, and will stay a night in the hotel at the airport. A colleague from UK will pick me up the next day and we will drive to Cambridge together. We will stay there for a night and then back to Gatwick (where our corporate HQ is) on Wednesday evening. Then we will spend the following 2 days at the HQ.

This is gonna be an important trip for me. Besides work, it probably is gonna be THE "defining moment" that I've mentioned before. If it indeed is, I guess I am gonna be spending long hours writing a long post, relating the entire story of what had transpired.

Until then, we shall just wait and see.

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wow, Cambridge! that's wonderful, especially it's summer time! have a great time there, of course you are! hmm, something must be happening though ... look forward for the good news from ya. cheers, and make sure post lots of photos hor.

Wish you all the best.
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