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Saturday, May 19, 2012

At Heathrow Airport

I am now in the SIA business lounge at Heathrow Airport. The time is about 8pm now.

My flight back to SG is at 10:05pm, and i arrived at the airport at around 6pm. A UK colleague sent me to the airport, which was about an hour drive from the office. She was the lady who went to USA for the project implementation back in year 2009 and I got to know her at that time. We have been friends since then.

It has been an extremely hectic two weeks here in UK. I checked in and out of different hotels 5 times, and went to 4 different places for meetings - Cambridge, Gatwick, Dudley and East Grinstead. Even though there was a weekend in between, i didn't go into London city centre at all. This was the second time i came to UK, and i've not even seen the Big Ben at all!

Anyway, i really missed the food back home. I am quite sick of cold sandwiches now, which was what we had for lunch almost everyday. I normally would have very light dinner to maintain my weight, but i've decided to have all the good food next week when i am in KL and worry about the diet later!

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my dear, when you come back to JB we meet up for good food.
Haha! it's so rare that you say want to have good food yoh!!!!

home sweet home. if there be the 3rd time, you must set for the Big Ben then!

cheers, take care.

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