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Monday, June 18, 2012

All packed, again

Well, not exactly ALL packed actually. Still have some more to go, but decided that i should do a quick update first.

Am flying off to UK tomorrow at 12:45pm. Will be there for 12 days and will be flying back on the following Friday.

It is very likely that i will have to go to KL for two weeks after i've returned from UK. So, this means that i'll be travelling for four weeks!

Now, in case you haven't realised, such lifestyle is really not sustainable in the long run. A drastic event has taken place last week, which hopefully i will get to blog about it tomorrow when i am at the airport.

I will have to get back to my packing now. More to be revealed tomorrow.


How drastic event is that? Take it easy. I believe every decision make is draw by faith.

gee, sounds like the job to be envious of - free travel to UK in summer! hope this time you are much much prepared than last time, especially the lens and clothes. And importantly don't forget your glasses too. hmm, what other things else ... supplements, etc etc.

take care, all the best in work. gotta be serious and don't slack off. and don't overtiring yourself too. ganbatte pinpin! cheers.

Oh, forgot to mention about Big Ben, don't MISS it this time hor .. All the best ya. Cheers. :)

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