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Monday, June 11, 2012

The past week

The past week at KL was again all work and stress. I had wanted to go shopping but ended up working till late in the office or hotel.

The development on the 'defining moment' decision took an unexpected turn and it is still up in the air. I think it may still take about a month before the dust settles. Until then, I do not want to write much about it here.

I know that my blogging frequency is getting lesser and the posts are also somewhat repetitive - it is always about work, business trips and stress. So, am just gonna post up two photos taken during my stay in KL last week.

This is the room at The Gardens Hotel that I stayed at last week:

I am a regular customer of the hotel - so regular that even the doormen recognised me and the waitresses at the hotel restaurant remember my name. The room i always stay at is with a super king size bed, but this time i didn't notice that i was booked into a room with two twin beds instead. I've never liked hotel room with two beds when I am staying alone; it just feels eerie... if you know what i mean.

Whenever i am in KL, there will definitely be at least two days that i would just grab some food from Cold Storage at The Gardens for light dinner. Last week, i saw something new and interesting:

I really can't imagine if crackers with Marmite flavour would taste nice. Perhaps for people who like the taste of Marmite, they would enjoy it very much. In case you are wondering, i didn't buy it. I've never been a fan of Marmite even when it goes with porridge.


hmm, irregularity prompts change for the day/week i supposed. perhaps work had turned out to be a smooth one :), hopefully, hopefully .. by the way the past week was also venus in transit of the sun, so it gotta be one auspicious week. and hey, don't say it's 无聊 coz the next one will be in 2117, and by that time it will be too old for that chance liao, aha. what's good of it for me is i was introduced about google sky apps to observe stars and amateur cosmology (i missed the observation - was stuck in work and not aware of it until was told by colleague, and i told him 无聊 ..). hope you enjoyed the past week in KL, ok, you're not in vacation but perhaps the week was "different" :).

gotta brush up your positometer, remember the "half full half empty" theory? don't fill yourself with only negativity thoughts. maybe if you tasted the cracker once you might start to love it ... gee, what am i writing here - people does have different taste, just like me so dislike onion leaves. my point is that there should be a complement picture of your favourite food :). all the best, gal. work is important, but is not the "most" important and you gotta put your health at higher priority. don't tell you're overtiring until that you missed church today (or yesterday) again. stay healthy, and since you're not football fan, there's no excuse for you not to go bed early and deprive sufficient of sleep. cheers, look forward for the "good news" :)

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