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Monday, June 04, 2012

At Senai Airport

Going to KL again.

Uh huh, I only got to stay in SG for a week and am travelling again. Just the other day, a church brother said how nice that I get to travel for free on my job. I told him that as "glamourous" as it seems, it is actually very tiring and we do not really get to "travel" around as many people think.

Anyway, I am very much overloaded with work recently. It has been so bad that I have been working more than 12hours almost everday and yet am still unable to clear the backlog. I am really stressed.

Not sure if it was due to PMS or working excessive hours, I had a bad migraine again on Saturday, one that was so bad that I threw up again and slept almost for the entire day. Mom was quite worried for me.

I think I need a break, a long one.

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from the surface, the job indeed seems glamourous - hague, UK, shanghai, (KL might be the exception) but when read microscopically of your postings ... oh well, job is job and it will certainly become worse if you treat it with negativity. instead of stressing oneself, if you take time off to ponder, rethink the strategy, and better idea will come up at spark when the mind is clearer.If the current way doesn't get anywhere, it should be restudied, revamped or removed altogether. i admit there are times colleagues are unreliable especially when dealing with bozos, and couple with the feeling of being unfairly treated would hold back performance. Then again it might be justified to push oneself for being responsibility, aiming good appraisal, glory, respect, dignity, perfectionism, survival of the fittest, and lifetime opportunity. Whatever reasons for the push, there's nothing be more important than health and family. Always remember - health is utmost important, what's there to cherish when health is jeopardized?! You gotta be real discipline in taking care of your health, i.e your diet, supplements, sleep hours. You're degenerating yourself, and it's going to make worse on your work productivity too. THis cycle has been going on and on, something must be done to come out of the loop. Hey, change for the better, remember? And stop making your mom worried ..

Hopefully coming week things become better. After series of complaints, indeed you need a timeout. Perhaps catching movie with your friends, colleagues - prometheus is at cinema soon. Work is not everything, at least instill a little happiness in it. All the best pinpin. gosh, i miss the baking post, and i hope there will be another one real soon. And is the "good news" still going on? Stop overwork yourself and please look after your health, for your readers sake. Cheers.

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