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Friday, June 29, 2012

Packing now

Finally, today is my last day in UK. I am very sure that i will be back here again one day, not on business trips but as a traveller.

My flight tomorrow is departing from Heathrow at 11:30am. I am staying at the Hilton Hotel at Gatwick Airport. It takes more than an hour by bus to get from Gatwick to Heathrow, and hence i'm gonna take the 6:25am bus, which means that i need to get up really early tomorrow.

I really can't wait to get home, as i do seriously miss the food in SG and M'sia. However, i kinda dread returning to the hot weather; two weeks ago before i flew here, the weather back home was really warm (something like 33°C or more). There was also haze from Indonesia. I hope it has gotten better now and won't be that bad anymore.

Anyway, the time is 9:30pm now. I really ought to start packing and go to bed early.


Welcome back. My dear.

33degC? it's more like scorching 38degC if not saved by the aircon in office and complex. boy, how wish there are more rains these days, but then again rains might do even worse like jams, flashfloods.

so far seems everything sounds good i supposed, and you made it to Big Ben, err, Elizabeth Tower after 2 misses :) . don't tell you've already made booking for the 4th one ... and lastly, welcome back. when traveling in KL/MY, be careful and extra vigilant on surroundings. crimes here are seriously becoming worse, so much so different than what was preached by the gov. hmm, i wonder if the next posting will be on food. enjoy the weekend, cheers.

Your company don't allow you to claim taxi from your hotel to airport? It's strange.

Henry, my company does allow us to claim the transport to airport, but the taxi fare in UK is crazily expensive. It would cost more than GBP100 for the trip whereas the bus fare was only GBP25.

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