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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday in UK

The time is about 7:30pm now.

Now, in case you are wondering, there is really nothing special about a Thursday in UK for me. The title is just to show that i am writing this post on Thursday (which is Friday in SG) and i am in UK. Oh, and of course, it also means that it's just one more day to weekend. Woo hoo!

The meetings for yesterday and today were held at the hotel and hence i did not have to commute to the office. The meeting ended rather early today at 3pm, and after some post-meeting discussions, i got back to my hotel room at around 5pm. Then i decided that i should spend some time doing some research on the Web for my weekend plan.

After spending about 1+ hour on it, i more or less have formed a plan for myself. Since the day is longer now (it only starts to get dark at 9pm!), my plan is to start exploring London tomorrow evening. Hopefully i could leave on time or perhaps earlier tomorrow. Basically, my plan is to join a few London Walks for the three days, and also do a bit of exploring on my own.

As for work, well, it continues to pile up like crazy. If you imagine each task or work is a book, i would have been buried under the sea of books and you can't even see me underneath at all. But then, i decided that I will leave all the work behind for this weekend and enjoy myself. I do not wanna tell people again that, "i've been to London but i've not been to London."

Oh, and in case you are waiting for me to write about the 'drastic event', sorry, not in this post. Let's see if i am still in the mood for blogging later in the night. For now, i would like to get back to my weekend planning.


no lah, it can't really be that exagerate to compare with books burying until cannot be seen - it'd take tonnes, or the whole library to do like that, one book shelf surely not enough lor. the data is beyond human, even superhuman or computer to crunch, talk about gigabytes of files.. maybe can still see pinky finger or toe, aha. if the workload does match up with the picture,i don't think you have the mood for vacation given of your perfectionism, hehe.

anyway, do pamper yourself with weekend holiday. this is your THIRD chance already, certainly you're not going to disappoint yourself after all the hard work! and, make sure BIG BEN in your list lor! hmm, how about tube trip to france for eiffel tower?! enjoy your holiday gal, but keep a little energy left for work also in the upcoming weekdays. if you perform well, there will be more chance for you next next time. for right now, of course plan well the itinerary! have fun, cheers :)

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