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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday afternoon

I am working from hotel today (as opposed to "working from home"). My reason for doing so is that i need to lock myself up in the hotel room and catch up on some of the backlog.

It's just that i am now not in my hotel room and i am not working but blogging at one of the cafe at the hotel lobby. Well, it's almost 1pm now and let's just take it as i'm taking a lunch-time breather here.

I had a great weekend walking around central London. In fact, i walked so much that my calf muscles are aching now. This also means that i really ought to walk more or start exercising.

Anyway, I can't spend too much time writing a long post here, even though there are much to share about my visit to London. For now, i am just gonna share a picture I posted onto FB:


ha, finally you got there ! but it was so dark, or is it my screen.
bad news though, england lost liao, hopefully that will not jeopardize the meeting or the ambient. and all the best in work especially after the fun. keep it up. cheers.

big ben changed its name. what's that building with horse and ...?

It is the tower that had the name changed. The clock itself is still called Big Ben... or at least that was what i heard on the news broadcast when i was in UK.

By the way, it was not your screen but really dark... it was raining over the weekend. In fact, it rained all the time in UK and the temperature was below 22C most of the time... but it was supposed to be summer!

Looks like the heaven also sad over england being ousted, hope it didn't ruin the holiday and still had wonderful time. And 22degC definitely better 33degC.

You should have pampered yourself for the cab instead helping the company to save money, especially after it abused you like this. But i know you're not this kinda of person :). Take care and stay healthy gal. Such fatigue from travelling won't fell you one, you just have to believe in yourself. All the best! Cheers.

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