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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


There are always lessons to be learnt from every major event in our life. If you are as introspective as me, you may even learn something about yourself.

Here are a few things that i learnt about myself and life in general due to mom's sudden illness:
  1. I am not as good a daughter as i pride myself to be

  2. I lack compassion and patience for people who are closest and dearest to me

  3. I worry TOO much, and more often than not, unnecessarily

  4. My faith is weak

  5. I am too pampered

  6. We should always - and i repeat - ALWAYS seek for second opinion when comes to medical condition

  7. Procrastination is bad, VERY bad

  8. Both mom and I are so blessed with relatives and friends who will help us unconditionally in time of need


When it comes to decision making it's always safe to keep the mind open and seek second opinon. Nobody is perfect, and smart person certainly don't hesitate to listen alternative view to cover the lacking and also being cautious. And surely you are one smart girl :). The key is always stay humble. From the writings, i concur you are really pampered at times lor , and you do have compassion but not explicit, i think. Everyone's unique and it's great that you see your weakness and so gotta be real discipline to rid them. Make it a habit, stay away from proscrastination and full use every minute available!

Hope your mom is getting fine and recover soon. Cheers girl, stay positive.

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