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Monday, July 23, 2012

Random update

Ok, ok, i know recently i have not been updating my blog regularly. Alright, not just recently but for quite a few months already.

I wanna say I am busy at work, and even though this is a fact, it does not really mean that i have no time to blog at all. The fact is indeed - i am getting too lazy.

Not only getting lazy to blog, i've not been attending the Sunday church service for a month already. The feeling of lethargic is getting worse. I really look forward to the days when i can have a real restful day without the stress of work constantly bugging me at the back of my mind.

Anyway, i am still in JB now. Have just written to boss to ask for permission to work from home in JB for a day or two.

Mom has been feeling giddy since Friday. She couldn't stand up for long and was lying down most of the time over the weekend. She had seen a doctor on Friday and got some medicine but it didn't seem to help. I went with her to see a Chinese doctor this afternoon and after taking the Chinese herbal medication, she said she is feeling a bit better already. I think it is best for me to be around at home until she is all well.

I wouldn't mind working from JB all week but i will need to get back to office this week no matter what. We are gonna move office on 2-Aug and everyone is busy packing now but i haven't even started yet. I will have to go to KL again next week (which is the moving week) and hence i must finish packing my stuff this week. Actually i intentionally arranged the trip to KL for next week just to avoid the move; in this way, i only need to pack my own stuff and need not help out in any other things at all. And the best thing is that my boss actually allowed me to do so. Yay!

On an unrelated note, i am having toothache again. The tooth that was adjacent to the removed wisdom tooth (right side) has been giving me problem on-and-off. It was the tooth that had the filling done and hence i am not sure why it would ache again. I really ought to see the dentist again.


Well, everyone should be responsible for their own stuff when comes to moving office. You do not need to worry or help unless you are free to do so.

Where is your new office? My office in AMK, if your office is near by. We can have lunch? :D

Taking care of our parents is very important. When we were baby, they teach us, take care of us, fed us, pamper us. I know you understand what I mean :)

Really one lazygal, aiseh .. You must change leh, cannot be like this one. I had toothache on a tooth with filing previously and my case probably because of chilli sauce, somehow the nerve was sensitive to it. I was in pain for 2 days and in the midst of work too. Hope yours is not really serious. Take care gal, and DON'T skip church. It's bad bad bad.


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