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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Still jet lag... and bridges

I think i have underestimated the effect of jet lag. It won't subside so quickly.

I had only less than three hours of sleep on Monday night, but still managed to wake up at 5am+ (even before the alarm clock went off) for getting ready to go to Senai Airport. Then i worked the entire day in the KL office, but by noon time i was feeling as if i was living in The Matrix, where everything moved in slow motion. Even another cup of Starbucks didn't help.

Then, i should be going to bed earlier to get more sleep tonight. Yet, i have been working since i got back to the hotel, and am actually not feeling sleepy now! Well, i guess this lifestyle totally explains why everyone who sees me would comment that I look haggard and weary. :(

Anyway, just to spice up my boring blog a bit, am going to post up a few pictures i took in London, which is about something quite interesting.

Here is a familiar-looking bridge by River Thames. Besides Big Ben, it is another iconic symbol of London. Guess what bridge is it?

A colleague told me that a lot of people thought this is the London Bridge. Actually it is NOT; this is the Tower Bridge.

London bridge is actually not too far from it, which is just upstream from the Tower Bridge.

Yes, this boring looking bridge is indeed the London Bridge, as it was written on the bridge itself.

In case you are wondering, i did NOT sing "London Bridge is falling down" when i was there, even though i was rather tempted to do so (ok, ok, i did hum the song in my brain!). There were people on the bridge and i sure wouldn't wanna be caught singing such inauspicious song right there.


I would sing with you if we were on the same trip. hahaha. ym

when i came across the word london bridge, it also makes me wanna sing. it can't be blamed for the inauspicious mah, the tune is nice and it's one of the nursery rhymes sing along too. i guess you're the type of person who will sing abc song when citing the alphabelts, aha ... see things slow down, gee, don't know that's good or bad one le but it sounds great coz you are being faster than the others, of course not to the extent dodging bullets like neo i believe. work faster, write faster, type faster, go back home also earlier :). okay, i know not that kind of slow mo, but if it was me i would have severe headache instead that cannot do work and think at all. take care, girl. just don't imagine yourself that you're going to fall sick. perhaps chicken essence would really help in this case. this week must be a critical week for work i supposed, so all the best.

oh, i just realize this year olympic is gonna be in london. does that mean the 4th round? cheers :)

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