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Monday, July 30, 2012

At Senai Airport

I will be baording in another 10 min or so. Will be in KL until Friday.

The past week hasn't been a good one. Something unfortunate happened and i was feeling rather sad. I've actually wanted to write the few posts that i promised but because of the unfortunate event and also the heat (was having weekend headache again), i ended up spending most of my weekend time staying in my room, lying on my bed and reading comics, just so that i didn't have to think so much. Yeah, it is probably my way of not wanting to face the issue, which is something out of my control.

Anyway, weekend spent like that would pass by very fast and it is Monday again. This is gonna be a very special week for me in KL and i will have to savour every moment of it despite the worries at the back of my mind.

Ok,the gate is open for boarding now. I will share the details tonight.


Cheer up :)

Cheer up :)

I just got a feeling that this gonna be your final week in kl for work .. Cheer up, this is Olympic week! Why hiding in the room when you should be sporting a bit ( not to say support our badminton team in London LAN). Don't think much if it only gives more headache and anxiety. Just to share about myself, coming weeks we're having vss, sigh, after so much of hardwork and OT average > 12 hrs and yet it comes to this. Well, it might turn up to be a good thing, who knows (don't wanna think about it liao). Most importantly, have faith in yourself girl.

Don't sleep late, don't twist and turn on bed lor. Like what you have said, if this week is special one you should savor it to the max instead holding back by your worries. Look forward for the good news from ya. Boy, is it true this week going to be the last week in kl? sure your colleagues are going to miss you badly, very very badly .. But then, the world is small after all, you still have you blog! Cheers ;)

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