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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

First wave of change

This post should have come a lot earlier, but then everything has its timing.

On 1st Jan of this year, I told myself that this is gonna be a year of change for me. And amazingly God also gave me the sign that change is indeed the theme for this year.

More than half of this year has gone by and it may seem as if nothing has happened.

Yet, a lot have in fact happened. It is just that I did not blog about it for various reasons - besides the usual excuses of being busy and lazy, I have also wanted to only write about it when things have all been confirmed.

And today, I am going to write about the first change.

Well, i think most have already guessed it - yes, I have tendered my resignation and am now serving my notice.

My last day with the company is next Friday, and this week is my last business trip with this company. That was why I mentioned that this is a very special week for me in KL, for it is the last time i am gonna spend time with my team and colleagues in KL. It may even be my last time staying in The Gardens Hotel!

This resignation would have come in April if not for some events that have happened over that few months. It is gonna be a long story and i will slowly relate what has transpired that led to this decision. And also not to forget that there are more waves of change coming my way too. I will have a rather long break and hence i am sure i will have plenty of time to blog (if i don't get lazy again).

In the meantime, i will be blogging about other things in-between and so do stay tune if you wanna know what had and is gonna happen (now do i sound like a commercial or what).

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Gosh, gosh .... This is what i suspected but least expected it to be happened lor. You had been flying over the globe past weeks, and even super busy more than before. I was hoping you got big jump in career and dispatched to oversea, like recognized by big shots in uk. No one is indispensable, but i think you are really one your company should treasure and never let go. Gee, why so many ppl resign one, my current company also got so many left, not to mention impending vss. Well, this must be a great change indeed! Change for the better it must be. Sigh, i was hoping i could bump in mid valley from the crowd by chance though i never meet you before, now the chance becomes multifold liao. All the best girl, always have faith with your decision. Cheers.

Oh, i was wondering if you cried when submiting the letter like your ex ex comp. Wait a minute, you sent it thru msn?! You're sure creative lot to have your avatar with the content .. hope blogging is not one of the reason lor, though it might be 1% lor it seems. Stay cheerful pinpin, and be positive! Cheers.


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