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Saturday, September 01, 2012

The day again

There is a good thing about getting addictive to my iPad - i spent the whole day watching Japanese cartoon and did not think of other things, but that does not mean that i have forgotten about this day. It only means that i occupied my time with entertainment and the past did not have the chance to come haunting me again.

Frankly, now that my waking hours are not filled with work anymore, some of the memories did creep back into my mind every now and then. Sometimes not consciously remembering something doesn't mean that it is not there anymore. Sometimes we just know that something in life simply cannot be forgotten, ever. Perhaps we can get over it but the memories will always remain.

The degree of the pain and the extent of the sorrow have certainly diminished; after all, time is indeed the best medicine. However, i am not sure if the wound has fully healed, or it can ever be. Even if it can, there is no way to get rid of the scar.

Anyway, even though i have wasted today away, i did not spend the day in sadness. I might have shed some tears from watching cartoon of sad love story, at least the tears were not for my own sad love story. So i guess my day was saved by iPad.

Oh, and i am not gonna wish my country happy birthday - seriously, i do not really care.


cheers to you. but you shouldn't have watched sad love stories and wet your eyes (again).. then again, fortunately you made your mind to get an ipad indeed :).

ha, there's still another birthday coming up lar, and that's 16 sept. you're not late to wish on that day... enjoy the weekend :) cheers.

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