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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


There are a number of things that i plan to do for my long break, and one of them is to start an exercising routine. And this is also one of the changes that i want to make in my life for this year.

I do not like sports and i am bad at all kinds of sports. However, i do realise that we need to have regular exercise to keep ourselves healthy (and looking good), especially now that age is catching up.

Knowing how lazy i can be, i may simply slip into full idling mode when i'm not working and staying at home all day. I may sleep past noon time, glue myself to my laptop for the entire day, eat and sleep and do nothing productive. And indeed, i spent these past three days browsing the Web and reading comics.

Yet, despite how lazy i am, i still know that a plan is nothing if i don't put it into action. My friends have also been encouraging me to go exercising. YM even passed to me a promotional voucher for an one-month gym membership, whereby LF is a member there too. LF had asked me to join her yesterday at the gym but unfortunately i overslept because i did not set the alarm clock on my mobile phone correctly and it didn't go off in the morning (i had been using the alarm clock on the smartphone from the company and never used the X10 one before).

So, i will start the gym exercise next week. In the meantime, i want to make it a routine for me to exercise everyday, even for half-an-hour or so. I started it by waking up at 6:30am this morning and went jogging with my mom at a park near our neighbourhood. Well, it wasn't really jogging but walking. I did jog for a short while and found myself panting like an old lady - yes, that is how bad i am physically. I seriously need to build up my stamina by working out more.

Anyway, i intend to do the same tomorrow morning. Let's see if i can keep this up and really build it into my daily routine.


hope it would not be "next week and then another next week and another" ... well, after so long of not working out, it's sure to have body stiff and ache the next day one, at least that is what happening to me after 2-3 months stop jogging and then run for 2 rounds, and stop 2-3 months and run and so on. excercise needs to be executed consistently, and gradually, not at sudden pace. it's good that you pick up jogging, not only it helps in building stamina but it also keeps you energetic and fully conscious and less and maybe rid of depending on starbucks. good luck! since you're in "vacation" already, don't return to old habit of sleeping late. cheers.

You need an exercise partner to keep you motivated!

Unless you are a discipline person, go and do what you have plan, don't give excuse!

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