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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A new toy

I know i have said that i wanna get back to the habit of updating my blog more regularly, but there is a reason why i didn't do so for the past few days.

And i think it is a valid reason...

Uh huh, i have a new toy that occupies a lot of my time now. I finally got it.

Say hi to my New iPad.

This arrived at my JB home when i was travelling up to KL for the treasure hunt. So, you should understand why i did not blog about the treasure hunt even though i was back to JB since Sunday night.

Oh, and i went through a lot of troubles just to get this new toy. It is gonna be a long story, but i am not gonna write about it now, as i gotta run some errands and will be going to SG this evening and coming back tomorrow. I also intend to get some accessories for my iPad while i am there since i couldn't find the things i want in JB.

And in case you are wondering - no, this post is not written with my iPad.


ouch .... looks like your friends have indeed successfully brainwashed you! frankyly, it's more convenient for users to surf net on tablet than laptop. and obviously much much better than the old breaking down laptop.

by the way, what happened to the treasure hunt? don't tell no news = bad news .... look forward for more nice nice stories and thoughts hor. cheers :)

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