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Monday, September 10, 2012

Another new toy

Well, i did not really forget what i promised to blog about. I was just too occupied with a few things. Besides running around in SG to get some stuff done and shopping for iPad accessories, i have also got myself yet another new toy when i was in SG last week.

Uh huh, say hi again to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

Now you must be wondering why i need two tablets. Actually i don't. What i really need (or rather - want) is an Android smartphone.

So why not get a mobile phone instead? Well, here's what happened.

I've been using the same SG mobile number for about 10 years already and am still on a very old plan that Starhub no longer offers. It was a simple plan with monthly subscription of only SGD22, but only provides 100 minutes free talk time without any data plan or other add-on services. As i had been using company phone previously, my own personal mobile number is only for light usage. I did not have the need to upgrade it to a more expensive plan.

Two weeks back, i received a SGD100 voucher by post from Starhub. I will be able to get any handset with this discount if i were to re-contract my plan for another two years (my contract has already ended). Of course, if i were to upgrade my plan to something more expensive (like those that come with data plan), i can get the phones at even cheaper prices.

Initially i thought i could live without a smartphone, but then recently i ran into a problem when i was settling some stuff in SG and required instant access to the Internet. Even though my X10 can access Internet too, it is so small that it is difficult for me to search for the information i need. At the end i needed to sms LF and little brother to help me to search for it and sms back to me.

That was when i decided that i really ought to get a new smartphone. Since i got the discount voucher, i decided to make good use of it. So last week when i was in SG, after i've done what i wanted to do, i went to Starhub to get two things: a new smartphone and a prepaid data micro SIM card for my iPad (so that i can use it when i am in SG).

I did not want to spend too much on the phone but also wanted something decent enough for me to use (not like my X10). Even though i was very impressed with LF's and little brother's Galaxy Note, as well as Sui's S3, all these are too expensive and were prices above SGD500. I had liked the company phone S2 and thought of getting it but Starhub has already sold out all S2 and does not carry this model anymore. So i could either go for other brands such as LG, Nokia and HTC (all of which i did not like and have heard negative feedback), or get the Samsung Galaxy Tab that can also serve as a phone even though it is rather bulky as a phone.

I saw that the Tab 2 7.0 was priced at SGD398 with renewal of two years contract. With the SGD100 discount, i only paid SGD298 for it, which i considered quite a good bargain. After much contemplation, i decided to go for it and so now i have two tablets with me.

And here's the cool part.

My iPad is now with the Starhub prepaid data plan and the Galaxy Tab is with the Digi prepaid plan (for both calls and data). My X10 is of course still with my old Starhub mobile plan for calls and sms only. When I am out in Malaysia, i will tether the Galaxy Tab for my iPad and vice versa when i am in SG. Then i am able to access both devices when i am at both places.

(There is a valid and sensible reason why i went for prepaid plan instead of getting a monthly subscription, which will all make sense when i blog about what i promised.)

Oh, and in case you are wondering why i didn't get an iPhone, that's because iPhone is even more expensive without an upgraded plan and also i don't need two devices with same access to Apple Apps, which are mostly chargeable. I want an Android device because more Apps are free at the Play Store.

So now i don't feel handicapped anymore. The only issue now is that the Galaxy Tab is really a tad too big as a phone. It is ok to be carried around but it is rather inconvenience for making calls. I need to use the earpiece or get a bluetooth headset, but to dial a call is still troublesome. I will look for some accessories tomorrow in SG to help me to overcome this issue.

Yes, i am going into SG again tomorrow for another two days to continue what i didn't complete doing (you must be wondering what the heck i was really doing!). Normally it only takes me a few hours to settle the stuff and i will go shopping for the rest of the day. I was in SG for three days last week and i had been to Compass Point, Raffles City, Takashimaya, Plaza Singapore, Funan the IT Mall, Bugis Junction, Sim Lim Tower, Causeway Point, and Novena Square. I walked until my feet ached.

See, i do exercise, by the means of shopping. No, i am NOT a shopaholic. I was just looking for some gadgets but couldn't find it. Hence i did not really spend a lot despite shopping at all these places.

Hope my quest for the desired gadgets will be successful tomorrow. I am waiting to get all the gadgets i want before showing them off here. ;)

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Gee, more like indulgence it seems ... You really cannot tahan your purse when it comes to bargain, and mention about tethering with 2 tabs... hai-yah. See lah, now you are going to accommodate for 2 devices for the accessories, don't think to compromise and be frugal for the quality. Oh, which side of factions you're in - apple or Samsung?! I always have thought you are apple fan, and s.jobs said before he will spend all of the money to bring down google ... Sigh, sigh.

Oh well, enuf of the crap, gotta admit the tab is one irresistible good bargain (but cannot like that also mah, and that's kinda big for phone also). Iphone indeed overpricey, gotta be realistic too. By the way, that's not one good example of exercise, you'd probably get the urge to spent, or new target lor.. Good luck in your hunting spree, hmm, you might try with online ordering for the gadget. Look forward for the new story, i wonder what's the gadget that is so special that you're willing to huff and puff almost the whole places in sg. Perhaps, with new tab, you might want to share the story of writing your own android apps. That's gotta be real interesting :). Cheers.

Forget to say even you have new toy(s), don't be so indulged and neglect your health. Sleep early, wake up early, what's more invigorating on new fresh day rather than late nights. Don't sleep late, and still carrying panda eyes, there's no more excuses being stress and insomnia due to work. oh, not especially with 2 pandas came to sg. So, does ICS, er, JellyBean better than iOS? Cheers :)

hey i just got the tab 2 last week too. the size is really good for leisure surfing, no doubt i love it so much but i have to agree on the size. a tad silly to hold it up to the ear.

just wanna share with you. i got this off gmarket recently, especially good for huge phones. if you don't mind carrying another device with you. i'm still waiting for it to be delivered though.


i'm not an advertiser by the way :)

Angel, there are good and bad on both iOS and android. Now I should probably blog about my thoughts on this... ;)

quelle, I was actually searching for similar device too and only found one that is sold on China e-shop:
Was wondering how to buy from china, and now the one you shared seems good too! Please do let me know if it works so that I will get one too. Thank you! :)

i just received it. it's kind of cool actually. very small in size. smaller than a palm size and it does work.

tried calling a few times. i can hear clearly what he/she says but the other party was telling me i don't sound very clear to them but still audible. unless i plug in earpiece to the mini phone then it's very clear.

for the price, i guess it's worth it.

That's great! I am so gonna get it too. ;)

I have also been looking for a nice cover but have not found one that I like. The accessories for P3100 is rather limited compared to other tablets.

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