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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

In SG again

I came in to SG with mom this morning and i have something to do in SG tomorrow early morning and hence am staying overnight at my uncle's place again.

Mom helped me to move my last batch of stuff out of the rented place and back to JB today. Even though my rental ended on 15-Aug, i had not moved all my stuff yet. Since the landlady has not found a new tenant yet, she was kind enough to allow my stuff to still occupy the room even though i am not paying for the rental anymore.

Am still hooked on reading comics on my new iPad. I have also spent a few hundreds ringgit more in getting some iPad accessories from JB and SG. I intend to go shopping for one more accessory in SG tomorrow and hopefully i can find what i am looking for.

See, sometimes this is the problem of getting a new expensive toy - we will look for more toys to complement the toy. The sheer amount of iPhone and iPad related merchandises out there is simply unbelievable. Apple has sure helped to create a lot of business opportunities for other companies and also helped to boost the economy.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, i am typing this post now with my iPad. :)


And you have said you will update your blog regularly one .. And then and then ... it's all ipad fault, sigh ... If i have not forgotten, you also took quite trouble to get the ipad. Any story to share. Hey, cut out the temptation to splash on the accessories!

It's almost a month already you left the comp. Gee, don't tell your plan is reading comics. Or writing apps for ipad :). By the way, is it cheaper to get the accessories in Sg? Look forward for your stories somemore, i notice the postings are no more about stress and anger but chirpy type. Cheers :)

I agree with the upper floor that you seems to forget what you promise to blog about......

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