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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Went to gym

I finally went to the gym yesterday with LF and i did an one-hour walk on the treadmill. The one-month gym membership hence commenced from yesterday and will expire on 7-Nov-2012. To make full use of it, i really ought to go there at least every two days.

Well, in case you are wondering, the morning jog did not last, as i've expected. I only went with mom for two or three times and that was it. For some reasons, sleep quality actually decreased while i'm idling at home. I don't have much appetite too. This is contrary to what many have expected - some people were really envious of my idling time at home and thought that i would sure put on weight for just eating and sleeping at home, but the fact is that i actually lost weight over the past month.

The processing of NZ employment visa is still in progress. The documents had reached the relocation consultant and all i have to do now is just wait. If everything goes smoothly, i may be leaving in mid November.


so much so of the resolution, or was there one, hmm ... but then streets in JB (and all malaysia) nowadays are not really safe, regrettably. somemore for ladies like you who does't know wingchun or taekwondo (ok, that's just one uncalled remark :p ). Well, hopefully with money being spent, it motivates staying away from procrastination. in fact, given you are out of job albeit temporary one you should make full use of the gym to go everyday to keep the shape. and girl, why are you neglecting your health like this?! stop it!. Whilst pending for the process, shouldn't you take advantage to do something you couldn't do previously and complained about it? otherwise you might end up stomping feet saying i should have done this during that time, learn this during that time, etc etc. time when gone cannot come back so don't waste it idly like this. but sometimes, i gotta admit that by doing nothing it feels time passes slowly, if one doesn't really look forward for the date ...

even you are going abroad for ~3 years, it's not that you are totally be there for full ~ 3years - you can still come back once a while mah during long holiday or leaves. and with internet you can still keep in touch with your mom, friends. i think you should give your mom the ipad or galaxy tab (yeah, you should go for the 10" one last time) and spend the time now teaching her to use it before you begin your new career. Actually with the touchscreen and chinese character strokes support, even for someone doesn't know internet and PC it wouldn't really be difficult for them to learn, and in short time too.How i know - my mom uses an ipad, and now she's a frequent patron on youtubes. So don't be upset and stop thinking the unnecessary and unwanted things. Seize this opportunity to buckle up and live to the fullest before you regret hor, and your fb-mates then will be really envious :).

sigh, it's kinda reality of life to have to go overseas for better advancement. who knows the 3 years experience gonna be the most valuable one and best choice of your life. as always, stay positive pinpin :). cheers.

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