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Saturday, September 29, 2012


At the beginning of the year, SIA Krisflyer downgraded me from gold to silver member because i did not accumulate sufficient airmiles within the one-year renewal period.

Then in less than half-a-year, i received another letter from SIA.

Uh huh, I was upgraded back from silver to gold member after the few trips to Europe.

Unfortunately, i won't have much use of this as my new job will not require overseas travelling anymore. The overseas travelling i'll be having for the next couple of years will be personal trips and it is unlikely i'll fly SIA because it charges premium price on its flight.

Oh well, i will just take it as the last gift from my ex-company even though it is practically useless to me.


Hmm, you're still staying in sg? The expiry is 9 months mah so who knows it will come to handy at that time. Cheers.

I really feel that it is a waste of time reading your blog.

Get hold of yourself. Running away to NZ will not change as long as you don't change yourself!

I don't know what is your plan but from your blog, you have a mother who sometimes not well. How are you going to take care of her while you are in NZ?

Yes, I agree that this kind of chance to work in overseas is rare but family comes first. You will regret when you work in NZ while you are not able to take care of your family!

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