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Monday, October 15, 2012

Treasure hunt - Foon Yew 99th Anniversary

On Sunday, i took part in another treasure hunt organised by my high school alumni club. This was a half-day hunt within the compound of eight schools, and we formed the dream team again to participate in this activity. Unfortunately, the treasure hunt was rather disappointing and actually did not require the dream team at all; anyone could have formed a team and did well.

The format of this hunt was very different from the ones we participated before. There were no brain teaser or riddle type of questions, and there was no map directing us where to go either. The main purpose of this treasure hunt was to bring all participants to the eight schools of Foon Yew (宽柔八校) - five primary schools, two secondary schools, and one university/college. It was one of the activities in celebration of the school's 99th anniversary and in anticipation of next year's major celebration of 100th anniversary.

The starting point was at Foon Yew High School Kulai and ended at Foon Yew High School Stulang Laut. The remaining 6 schools were the various checkpoints and the participants could randomly decide the order of the schools to visit.

Basically, at each checkpoint, we were to carry out the following 3 tasks:
  1. We were to buy food and drinks for the crew stationed somewhere in each school. We were not told where they are and would have to look for them in the schools.
  2. We were given photocopies of the pictures of various places within the school compound. We were to look for the same places and then snap photos with the team members in the pictures.
  3. At each school, we would be given a question sheet with questions about the school, such as when it was established and who the school principal is.

Besides the last task that required some Web searching, the other tasks were pure running around and looking for things and people without requiring much brain power. It would have been a good activity for family with children, as the kids would have enjoyed the action of hunting for things. Yet, for us who are more frequent treasure hunters, we were quite disappointed with such format because the part that we enjoyed most about treasure hunt was actually cracking the clues and riddles.

Our team kinda lost a bit of enthusiasm half-way through even though we still continued to complete all the tasks. We would have been the first few teams to finish the hunt but we spent more than half-an-hour at a particular school searching the Web with our tablets and smartphones for a question asking the origin of the name "Larkin" (a place in JB) but to no avail. We lost a lot of time there and ended up to be the last few teams to complete the hunt. The result will only be revealed a week later. Our team does not expect to win anything anyway.

Well, despite being disappointed in how this treasure hunt was carried out, we did appreciate the organiser's effort and giving us the chance to visit all the eight schools, which was something none of us have really done before. Each of us were given a certificate of completion as memento of this special event.

There will be another treasure hunt next year organised by the school again, and we expect it to be similar to the ones we participated before. However, i would not be here anymore by then.


100 years old?! My, my secondary school's not even half of that.. Great school produces excellent alumi, and that includes you ;)., don't give up so early girl, never let go until result is out. gee, what I'm typing here, of course you know how your performance was. But it's kinda strange that being a true blue johorean but does not know how larkin gets her name, aha - rely too much on technology Liao. Ok ok, don't mean to insult you, may the best truly deserved team wins the game (best usher? Don't think you and your friends want that title) :).

sigh, it's kind of waste that you unable to participate for the 100th, but then until that time comes, there's still possibility even 1% of chance. So, don't reach such decision so early, and be positive. Cheers, and all the best in all the treasure hunt until the holiday is over :). Sometimes I wonder that your English is so good because you have a very good teacher.

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