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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Beginning of another year

I have been thinking about what to write for this post - the obligatory post about new year's resolutions. Frankly, there really isn't anything that I could think of.

My FB message tells it all:

Yes, indeed, if there is anything I want for this year, I want to be good to myself. I hope to have peace in my heart and live a quiet yet joyful life here.

I'm not sure if that can be considered as a resolution for the new year, as it is more like something that I want for the rest of my life and not just merely for one year. It is something that I will be in pursuit of constantly, and for once I think I finally know how this can possibly be achieved.

Just before I started writing this post, I was watching the movie "The Green Mile" on tv. This was the third or fourth time I watched this film but I was still touched by it. It reminded me of how the world nowadays no longer believe in the miracles of God, and even ostracise people who speak out or believe in Him.

I do not often talk in length about my religion, whether in this blog or in person. I have actually personally experienced His grace and blessings, often more than I think I deserve. I am really grateful for what were given to me, and I hope and want to be a living testimony of His grace.

For this year, I must develop and strengthen my faith in God. I have to grow spiritually. Only with Him and through Him that true happiness is attainable.

And with God watching over me, I know for sure that the year ahead is gonna be a good one.


怎么样对自己好呢? hmm, i wonder if the FB friends got interrogating or grilling you on this in the 3hrs lapse. when leaving office yesterday, i told my colleagues i had enough of the job and my resolution is to be leaving the office by 6 sharp, which is done on the eve but don't think i can really keep up hor if continue becoming workaholic, haha.everyone's free to make a choice, but it's how we stay true to our words that make us vindicated. somemore, this supposed to be a new year that brings new chart of life fills with goodness and happiness.so pinpin, smile more, laugh more. don't bring yourself miserable anymore, and that includes stop being short temper and overstress. and also avoid torturing, neglecting your health too.

by the way, speaking of new world, gotta involve in more outdoor activities especially especially you are in NZ! don't you have a wish to conquer her mountains, polish up photography skill on all the nice nice landscape. plus, you do seem easily being tired and this slacks your mind hor. being active in activities certainly is a remedy. too much of procrastination from the old world already, so gotta rid them off.

cheers, and 一定要对自己好啊. but ... 还是然睡得晚 ... remember always stay positive, hope you feel GREAT at work tomorrow :)

Instead you believing He is gonna watch over you, it is about time you watch over YOURSELF! I am amazed with our human mind that everything good are because of Him and everything bad are due to our own fault. Get a life lady.

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