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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lost identity (I)

Since i have promised to blog about the incident that has happened recently, i gotta do so because i am not gonna go back on my words on Christmas day. Well, not that i can simply break my promises if it's not Christmas time; it's just that it feels more sinful than usual if i were to do it on this special day.

Actually i am feeling very sleepy now. Haven't been sleeping well for many days already. Besides being stressed out due to the incident, i've also been having problem sleeping on the same bed with my mom. She snores and i really have problem falling asleep since i am a light sleeper.

Also, the bed isn't really that big (i think it is only a queen size bed) and the comforter i brought along isn't that big either. Sometimes when it gets rather cold in the night, mom and i would be fighting for the blanket - as we tend to roll ourselves up in the blanket when we feel cold. This interrupts my sleep as well.

Anyway, i think i won't be able to stay awake to blog about the entire incident by today; so i'm gonna do it in two days instead.

Before i get into the main story about that unfortunate incident, i gotta write the prelude first that would somehow tie up all that i eventually wanna write about. So do know that i am not digressing (though i do have a tendency to do so) but am just leading up to the main story.

The company that i am working at now is a partnership with four bosses, two in Auckland (the HQ) and another two here. I do not know the details of the partnership but i think all four of them have a share in the company respectively.

The two bosses here are both very nice guys. One is a local and the other came from Denmark but has settled down here. The Danish boss' wife is a Sri Lankan and they have two children. Last week, the whole family have gone back to Sri Lanka for a one-month holiday and will only be back in early January.

On the day before my mom's arrival, i've casually told my bosses that i was contemplating of renting a car to fetch my mom and also to move my luggage from the apartment hotel to my new place. I didn't do so in the end.

Then on the day before the Danish boss was going on his long holiday, he offered to lend his wife's car to me during their absence. I couldn't believe it at first, as after all, i've only just joined the company and he didn't know me for long yet. But then, he told me that since my mom is here, having a car would be more convenient to drive her around and i also do not need to waste money on car rental. Seriously, i am not sure if i'd do the same by lending my car to a person whom i just know. It was really VERY VERY VERY kind of him.

So, just about three weeks after i arrived in Wellington, i have a car to drive to work and to go anywhere conveniently, at no extra cost besides petrol and parking. I'd elaborate more in another post on my thoughts after having the chance to drive here. For now, let's just focus on the main story first.

Having this car has really helped me a lot. Not only i was able to drive to many shops located at different places to buy all kinds of stuff for my new place, i also could drive my mom to see the doctor when she was sick. Without this car, i would have spent a lot on taxi or bus fare (of which both are expensive), and also considerable waiting time. Buying bigger pieces of items (such as a desk) would be a problem too.

But then, the side effect of such convenience was that we have been going out to do shopping almost every day. And that was precisely how disaster struck - i lost all documents that could identify me while we were out shopping!


actually a promise is a promise and should stick with it regardlessly, for a promise is not mere words. one promise reneged will be another, and so and so, a bad precedence lor. or else words "try", "think" "maybe" to soften the stance, but come again, you did mention before you don't use "try the best" ... whatever, whatever, fortunately christmas saves the day. oh well, gotta make it a habit for everyday too.

by the way, about the incident, since the last contact was during shopping, it might be you have dropped or misplaced it somewhere there. How about inquiring guards, cashiers, receptionist, shopkeepers if they have seen it or some shopper has found it and brought it to them? or maybe they have passed it to the police? I believe NZ is much civil compared to MY, certainly passerby will aware how important a passport is and the anxiety to the owner. once i had a housemate lost her passport in larkin on the way back to kl. and when she travelled back a week later and stopped at larkin before changing bus to kranji, only then she realized that she lost her passport, and fortunately a bus counter kept it for her. there was another friend thought he dropped his passport but actually misplaced it in university lab. try to focus and remember back the trail in calm state, if there's trouble picturing it in mind, write down on paper words, chart, diagram or something. search yourself time by time, scene by scene, step by step where have you been, what have you done until the last contact with the wallet, cards and passport. it probably, no, it should be still in one of the shops, and the shopkeeper could have found it. Have faith pinpin, though i must say do prepare for the worst (i.e file a police report since it has been quite some time already) but goodness is still there to come. sigh, this is awful especially it happened on what it supposed to be fun cheerful happy day, nevertheless, please don't give up hope.

rest well, if the blanket was not enough to cover, how about a jacket then? Lastly, MERRY CHRISTMAS. perhaps some treats with chocolates and cookies for your wonderful great colleagues and bosses. cheers and stay positive :).

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