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Sunday, December 09, 2012

First working week in NZ

A week has passed by and it has been busy and rather stressful for me too.

At work, I had visited two clients and nothing too tough at this moment (yet). I have started some work on the small project and i will have to get myself up to speed on the new version as well as the customisations that have been done to the system.

Work is actually manageable at this stage. The bosses have been nice to me and show much understanding to my need on hunting for accommodation. The apartment hotel that i am staying at now is charging a daily rate of NZD95 and it is booked until 12/12. The room is a small studio apartment with all the necessary facilities with everything provided, even the laundry powder and detergent for the dishwasher.

The accommodation amount will come off the relocation allowance of NZD6K from the company. I gotta check out from here on 12/12 before 10am and my mom will be arriving on the night before. Hence i was actually under pressure to find a permanent place and mom will have to help me to move the stuff over on 12/12.

The rental here is quite expensive, especially when i intend to stay on my own (without housemates and landlord) and within the city area (since i do not have a car). I had viewed 5 apartments last week and have finally decided on a small fully furnished one-room apartment (it is really small!). The rental is NZD300 per week, excluding electricity and Internet (water is free here). That means i'll have to scoop out close to NZD1.5K per month just for accommodation and utilities. Actually on dollar-to-dollar values, the price is quite good considering the location - it is centrally located in the city itself. I decided to just sign a 6-month lease first and see if i like the place. If it is no good, at least i have more time to look for a better place and move out after 6 months, rather than being tied down to a year.

I am really looking forward to moving into the place so that i can finally settle down. Until now, i still do not have the feeling of coming here for years; it feels as if i'm here just for a short business trip, like i used to do in my previous job. I think it is probably because staying in a hotel room gives me a temporal feeling. After all, living environment does make a lot of difference and impacts our quality of life.

So far, i've not been eating well either. Eating out is expensive but i do not wanna buy too much food stuff now since i'll be moving soon. I haven't been cooking except making simple sandwiches or having instant noodles for dinner. Oh, and of course, fruits such as kiwis and strawberries are cheap here (which are my favourites!), and so those are part of my daily diet too.

Note that the golden kiwi fruits are selling at NZD3.99 for 10pcs. That is really cheap, as in SG it was selling at SGD6.99 for 6pcs. And i saw these at a supermarket nearby the hotel. I was told that these fruits can be even cheaper if i get it from the farms or farmer's market.

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gosh, 12 is just 3 days away. to imagine you have to find accomodation (affordable and reasonable one) and at the same time need to build good impression to your bosses and clients, somemore the site is 1.5 hr drive ... that's insane and i don't think i can really handle that (and certainly crying i wanna go home liao ..). glad you have finally struck that out. one room as in 1+1 ? well, smaller place means you will not have the difficulty in tidying and cleaning up the space, and good reason to be active in outdoor activities. no, i mean not shopping, maybe window shopping, emphasizing the window. and resume jogging too , don't get bushed this time. even nz is >> safer compared to jb, low crime does not mean no crime (ring, ring, singapore). so pin, please always stay vigilant and never neglect safety and security. hopefully 6 months later you won't have another pressure from searching for new place when you become familiar with the environment and acquainted with more people to find even better place if you decide to move out. of course i hope year 2013 you finally have ridded off procrastination...

did i just read bosses as in plural form? seems you have just joined a good company with so many bosses concern about you. don't tell this time you are the only geeky girl too like the ex-company. all the best girl, with accomodation done (for 6 months at least), gotta focus back on work already. but then, reserve some energy for healthier worklife balance too - NZ is not MY, SG, US so hopefully workload is not so stress and child's play to you (but not to the level diminishing your skill). different individual views stress differently, so when things get heated up, always remember to stay calm when dealing with tough problems. you are at your best when you are not the short tempered pinpin. oh, since nz have so many nice nice fruits at affordable price, there's no excuse to skip them hor in diet -you can't fall sick because lack of vitamins!!! i wonder if you can get ingredients for steamboat in NZ, at least it's better than instant noddles for dinner when the food can be prepared by just boiling. no wonder your mom insists to come to look after you until you are at right track. and throw away the habit of sleeping late too - NZ gotta be a new chapter of your better life. stay healthy pinpin, look forward for more good news from you in NZ. cheers.

So far is everything ok? -Hy-

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