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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Went to Johor Premium Outlet today.

All i wanna say is that whatever that i've heard about the place is true - it is lousy.

Well, the layout and design of JPO looks the same as the outlet malls in other countries. However, the items that are sold at JPO and the pricing are nothing like its counterparts.

I've heard people saying that the stuff at JPO look out-of-season and probably were dumped here because those could not be sold off at the other places. The prices are also nothing like factory outlets at all. In fact, i could find better stuff in Singapore at cheaper prices than at JPO!

So, i still couldn't get the luggage i am looking for. In fact, the Samsonite shop there is bad - both the goods and the service. Now i think i'll just have to compromise and get something else.

Anyway, here's my advice to anyone who has not visited before - please do not bother. It is far at a remote place and it really does not worth the journey. Might as well save your patrol and time.


So bad one lah you the way you promote the place when it might be one of popular destination for tourist... But this is true also - my Johor friend also discouraged it when he visited it during the hype from the place being newly launched. But unlike being so frank and honest and straightforward, where the words are so stinging, he put it in nicer way, a bit lor ... Hmm, with that statement, i guess you did not get distracted from original goal and change to coach, Armani, Nike, etc :). Seems like that's the final stop already, hope is there but ends up disappointment, hai ya yah - have to resolve this in innovative way already. I wonder what is that, cheers and cool down, cool down :)

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