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Friday, November 16, 2012

Work visa

As I have expected, i received an email from NZ Immigration today informing me that the NZ work visa has been approved - finally!

I will have to go to the immigration office in SG tomorrow to get the visa endorsed on my passport. LF, PT and I have also planned to visit Carol and her newborn at her home in SG tomorrow in the evening.

As for when I will be departing for NZ, it is still unknown now. I will have to speak with my boss first to agree on a date, and there are things to arrange too, such as flight and temporary accommodation. However, it is likely that i will be leaving the country very soon, probably in less than two weeks time.

Now reality starts to sink in and i suddenly feel anxious, apprehensive, stressed and even panic. There is this thought in my head that keeps saying, "oh gosh, you are going to work and stay all alone in a foreign land for years... do you know what that means??!!"

There is this fear of the unknown that crept up on me, and it is part of human nature. Yes, of course i have fear, even though it was my decision and my wish to go overseas. It is just like you have decided that you gotta do bungy jumping at least once in your lifetime and have actually pay to do so, but when you are standing at the brink of the bridge looking down before taking the plunge, you will feel the fear and hesitation. However, you will still take the dip eventually, knowing that it is something you have wanted and decided. You will just go ahead no matter what.

I will, too, take that leap, despite the fear.


No problem. You can do it.
All the best.

CONGRATULATIONS! a bit worried on this coz my colleague got rejected for L1 visa to US ..

steel yourself gal. you have even gone to canada where it's >2x the distance, somemore right after high school. and during beginning of your career in kl and penang (as you aware with security in malaysia), recent business trips alone to london, hague. comparing these is like comparing between skydiving and bungy jump, like you have done skydiving first and then bungy jump. NZ is quite pretty small thing (i think, hmm don't get angry hor), of course apart from "years" and big jump in career. once the initial phase passed and settled down, everything will be ok and you will become one happy gal :). It is also sure one great place and certainly much much better than canada where covers with snow ... even LOTR trilogy and hobbit are filmed in NZ and be sure get yourself into hobbit fever when you are there! if i recall correctly, you have an ex-colleague in NZ as well, betul tak? plus, if you carry your ipad or note all around and stay connected, you won't gonna be alone, at least i can guarantee in blog! with you being amiable, likeable and volunteering type of person, it'll be just matter of time you'll have nice new friends over there, and your fb shoots to 1000+ new entries (so envious), and your blog have 1000+ readers become reality (ok, i'm exaggerating and kidding over the last statement) . stay positive, and stop being panic. panic is the last thing you become and makes you act stupid when your time now is precious. gee, i wonder if you really buy in the theory do nothing and sleep late so time will pass slowly. i wouldn't say look forward, but apprehensive is not good too, and degenerative. 1, 2, 3, etc years, many things can happen and your close friends probably will visit you there as NZ is touted most beautiful place and popular tourist destination with its landscapes and mountains. speaking ofbeautiful scenaries, it will be great place to train up your photography skill and start taking this hobby seriously, and eventually beat your little brother, hehe.

oh, before i end the long long post, some drawings i managed to finish after you got your visa:

and higher resolution one:

not sure if the message is appropriate coz the story is drafted some weeks ago, hope it put up smile and all the apprehensive and stress away (and pages in the farewell photo album as well). hopefully the new company will have better environment and good colleagues to work with, like the ex-company one. except this time i don't think you will be working alone, work until nights and take late cabs. stay the real you, pin, the cheerful, happy, responsible, perfectionist, amiable of you. i wouldn't want to say leaving the ex company is good but i think continue staying in stressful unhealthy environment would only change a person bringing out the devil within him/her and grows uncontrollable. fortunately you held strong to your principles and didn;t let the company changed you, completely. after almost 3 months of idling at home, now it's almost time to go back to workforce, but what's better than you are going to better and positive reinforcement job. don't sleep late, keep healthy lifestyle, do exercises and jogging, eat healthy diet. don't indulge in shopping spree and make sure have some savings (lots of them). 2012 indeed a great change after all! cheers, and please continue updating your blog when you back online in NZ, (after 1.5 years hiatus, if i read nice stories, i'll make funny drawings again :) ).

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